Booming Business Ideas You Can Try

The global pandemic has affected the source of income for most people. Most negatively and some positively. Most of us have been made to think out of the box and seek new ideas that can set a meal on the table or ensure we have a roof above our heads.

Did you know you can start a business with minimum to zero capital? Looking at how people are doing things around us, it is possible to engage in the same business or even better businesses. So, what are some booming business ideas one can try?


This operates close to the way e-commerce works. Here, you set up an online store and connect with suppliers to deliver your product to the customers. The good thing here, you do not have to physically handle the products or the inventory.

The starting capital is also quite low depending on the type of products you are involved in. Companies are offering short courses you can do and start a business right away.

Print on demand

Have you seen customized t-shirts or hats? Have you realized most are seasonal? For example, when a new slogan hits town, you will spot several people wearing t-shirts with the slogan or caps? This is a business on the move.

Print on demand allows an individual to print products that are needed at that time. The advantage of this is one does not have to deal with bulk goods. You wait for orders to be made, print products, and sell.

Virtual assistance

Most people nowadays work from home and do not need a physical assistant unless the job demand so. With relevant skills at hand and a great personality, you can easily land a job online as a virtual assistant.

With a functional computer and stable internet, one can seek jobs on freelancing sites such as Upwork or Guru. This requires zero capital to start and can be done at any time and from anywhere.

Online tutoring 

Students are also encouraged to study from home. Most schools are hiring online tutors to have each student assigned a personal tutor. If you are good at a subject, this is your time to make some money out of it.  Create a strong portfolio and post it on your social media accounts or public chat groups.

In no time, you will start receiving requests to work with an individual client. This is a good business as you can work from the comfort of your home and do not require any capital to start.

Cleaning services

You notice that most people need professional cleaning services around their homes especially during the weekend. Cleaning does not require professional papers as long as you are perfect at what you do.

With the right cleaning equipment and an eye for detail, one can do the service with minimal effort. Study article on house cleaning, how to clean different surfaces, and where to put much effort in cleaning.

In conclusion, you can start a business with zero profit as long as you have the skills. On the other hand, some businesses require very minimal profit. You can be either outgoing or choose to work from home. Grap an opportunity today!

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