Advertising Techniques Used to Create Powerful and Persuasive Ads

Despite a worldwide known company such as coca cola energy being common to all of us, we still come across its adverts. Companies keep advertising their products consistently to ensure they are well known and their products common among the targeted audience. Each time, smarter techniques are used to eliminate the boredom of the same advert.

Techniques used during advertising to create convincing ads


I am sure we all love discounts. You are likely to pick a product with a discount compared to a product you will pay for the full amount.

Ads with discount codes or ads that show a certain percent off are likely to have more customers.

This goes along with promotions and rewards. If you promise a reward on an ad, it is likely to attract more traffic to your targeted post.


An ad that is repeated severally becomes well known to an audience. It keeps reminding people that the product is still on the market. Companies use this strategy to tell on product improvements or new location availabilities.

Repeating something is persuasive and gives the users loyalty to the product. On the other hand, users that have not tried the product try it to improve the product sales.

Statistical data

People like an assurance that they are settling for the best product in the market. For example, a toothpaste advert says it offers 100% protection around the mouth, including teeth, tongue, gums, and cheeks. This gives an assurance that the toothpaste is the best to use.

Create an analytical ad that will show the audience they will join the winning and more helpful side if they chose the product.

Use of rhetorical questions

Rhetorical questions challenge someone to rethink their choices. For example, consider a company advertising an upgraded car model with more powerful features. Then the advert ends with a rhetorical question such as, I have upgraded my car, have you?

Your audience feels an urge to be at par with the latest upgrade and motivates them to get the latest model.


You can only convince someone to use a product if they feel safe using the tool and can see the benefits of using the product. The first step is to develop trust.

For example, consider a cleaning detergent. Most of them react with the hands of the user. Tell them persuasive words such as gentle on hands, tough on stains!

This is convincing enough that the product is effective and friendly to the user.

Impact knowledge

Educate the users about the products. Its use and ingredients. Some people who are always curious to know what the product entails will be more curious to use the product. In case it is an app or software being advertised, educate the targeted audience on how to use the software and make upgrades.

Let the audience know all the details about the product from the advert. They will be more convinced to use the product.

In conclusion, adverts are important in promoting the sales of the product. Go for effective techniques that will be sued to improve the sales and awareness of the product.

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