Clubhouse: All the Truth About The Invite-Only Chat App

Recently, you have probably heard about the clubhouse app or wondering why is the clubhouse app so popular. Most people and platforms are talking about the app, and it is time you learned more about it.

It was created by Paul Davidson and Ronah Seth and launched in April 2020. Amid the rising numbers due to the coronavirus, there was a need for conferences and meetings to be held virtually. The rise of the app at such a time contributes to its popularity among people. With a well-established sponsor known as Andreessen Horowitz, the app flourished in no time.

How the clubhouse app operates

One can only be a member through an invitation from an existing member. An invited member is offered two invites to welcome other potential users.

Once registered using the invite, you can pick a chat room to listen to or be a member in. The topics discussed vary from financial, well-being, relationships, and other rending topics.

Members are allowed to listen to the conversation as the app does not use cameras but voice only. To take part in the conversation, raise a hand and the speaker will allow you on stage.

In case you want to leave the conversation, tap on the peace-out link at the bottom of the room you are active in. You do not have to notify anyone you are leaving the room as you just tap a link and leave.

Advantages of the clubhouse app

  • Uses voice-over only and one can use it when going through their daily activities.
  • Expresses the genuine feelings about the topics being discussed in real-time.
  • One can create a room and hold the conversations at one convenience.
  • It is popular and one can address a topic with a vast audience active at it.
  • In case you want to leave a chat room, it is easy as you just click on a link.

Disadvantages of the clubhouse app

  • One can only join when invited by another active member.
  • Not available to Android users.
  • The active conversation does not have a captioning option or subtitles.
  • One cannot be sure who is talking as it does not have cameras but uses audio-only.
  • Limited users as registered users can only invite two more users.

How to create a clubhouse session

  1. Add screen recording to the control center.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Under settings click on the control center.
  4. On your right, you will find a screen recording.
  5. Open the clubhouse app and join the room.
  6. Slide up in case your phone has a touch ID or down if otherwise to access the control center.
  7. Tap the screen recording button.
  8. When done with recording, export your file to photos.
  9. Upload your files.

In conclusion, the app is only in its beta form meaning it is still under development and has to be monitored for it not to crush. There is hope that it will be about and available to all persons including android users.

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