What Are the Best Tools for Online and Social Media Investigations?

In today’s world, the increase in cybercrimes and other related online misconducts are on the rise. It is important to have tools that can be sued by an online investigator. The tools need to be effective and secure for use as cybercrime is such a sensitive matter to individuals, organizations, and the government

What are some of the tools that can be used for online investigations?

DuckDuckGo (DDG)

This is a search engine founded by Gabriel Weinberg on February 29, 2008, in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. This search engine allows the user to remain anonymous, as it does not target individual IP addresses or search history.

Suitable for online investigators as the results are unfiltered. This means that the browser attracts no traffic that is relatable to personal information such as location or recent history.

DDG is termed the safest browser in 2020 as it maintains privacy levels and does not collect nor share personal information.


This is a utility for offline web browsing, with which you can save web pages from the web to a locally stored directory

The pages can later be accessed as long as the tool is downloaded and installed.

This is a great tool for keeping one off the eyes of those on the internet as you can do research and deep investigations offline.

The advantage is it is free to use, is quite user-friendly, and has a good inbuilt help center.


It is an analytics tool that can be used to provide free Twitter analytics. In case one is investigating something to do with a tweet, identify accounts, follow up a tweet or download a timeline, this is the tool to go for.

Good thing the investigated account or user does not have to know someone is digging into their tweets as they are made private.

Important in twitter case investigations as it is an excellent tool for Twitter analytics.


Do you have evidence on Instagram and are looking for a way to download it? Use DownloadGram. It is an effective tool as it allows one to download a photo, video, or reel from Instagram.

It is also free, one does not have to pay to use the tool. It is also safe and maintains your identity unknown from the user. It does not notify the user that their content was downloaded and by whom.

Open-Source Intelligence

A tool that uses information that is readily available to the public. Open-Source Intelligence is free and can be used by investigators for ethical hacking and penetration testing.

It can also be used to identify external threats by identifying the threats that are most active among unethical hackers.

Since it is open and made to the public for free, an investigator can use the tools as a user and acquire all the needed information.

In conclusion, the above tools are suitable for online investigations as they are effective and keep the user anonymous. In case you need to dig into some information and maintain your identity unknown, consider the above tools.

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